Tax Dispute Resolution Services

Complex and ever-changing tax laws can prove to make compliance a constant challenge. Yet, even with the best of intentions, the Turkish Revenue Administration or other revenue agencies can carry serious consequences. At ICS, we take pride in knowing that our professional network can express their questions and concerns and get answers.

We help individuals and businesses understand what it means to receive a tax assessment and the necessary steps to resolving any disputes with the Turkish Revenue Administration and Tax Offices with our wealth of knowledge and experience in helping clients defend investigations from the regulators. Our team are here to liaise on your behalf and get you the best outcome for your business, whether this is a reduced liability, or a reverse of any tax bills issued, we will do our best to resolve any dispute without needing litigation.

Our goal is to minimize the stress, costs and disruption to you and your business. We can help advise you on the responses to the Revenue Administration and work alongside you throughout any investigation to ease the burden and stress of such situations, working on your behalf for a successful outcome.

Tax controversies can take form in many ways. ICS is comprehensive, encompassing issues that range from national to complex international filing obligations.

Our experts can support you in matters such as:

  • Revenue Administration audits and appeals — We have extensive experience with helping clients understand and resolve tax audits, as well as making appeals.
  • Revenue Administration collections — Our experienced tax advisors protect your interests when resolving tax collection issues with the Revenue Administration.
  • Criminal tax — Tax fraud or evasion investigations look for evidence of willful intent to deceive tax authorities. Our CPAs can make sure we assist your legal attorneys in the best way so that your rights are protected.
  • Tax litigation — Using administrative channels to settle a tax matter is certainly efficient. We also know there is also a role for aggressive litigation in resolving many tax disputes and we assist legal attorneys with the Tax Courts.