Mining and Natural Resources

Highly rich in natural resources and minerals, Turkey holds over 70% of the world’s boron reserves, two-thirds of the world’s borate reserves and 40% of the world’s marble reserves. Reports show that there are 53 different minerals and metals and 4,500 mineral deposits in Turkey.

Widely known for its industrial minerals such as boron, feldspar, marble, barite, celestite, emery, limestone, magnesite, perlite and pumice, mining activities have increased considerably in Turkey. The government is dominant in fuel minerals and metallic ore production while the private sector is concentrated in industrial mineral production.

ICS provides audit, tax and consulting services, as well as assisting with mergers and acquisitions, equipment financing, productivity analyses, lease vs. buy decisions for major asset additions, structuring of transactions to gain the most favorable tax treatment allowable and a review of internal accounting policies and procedures for mining industries.