Markets are more sophisticated with higher expectations today than ever; thus, they demand better products and services. This strong, competitive environment forces companies to operate more efficiently.

Additionally, developments in recent years proved increasing public concern and regulatory consideration for high standards of business and ethical practices throughout the activities of organizations, which led to rigorous enforcement of new regulations.

Therefore, internal controls became a vital part of all organizations’ financial and business policies and procedures. These controls consist of all the measures taken by the organizations in order to;

  • Protect their resources against waste, misappropriation, fraud, and inefficiency;
  • Secure compliance with regulations and internal company policies;
  • Ensure accuracy and reliability in accounting and operating data;
  • Evaluate the level of performance in all organizational units of the organization.

ICS’s highly trained and certified professionals strive to provide timely, accurate and outstanding service to exceed your expectations in providing control and feedback on your business operations and meet the expectations of market forces and regulatory bodies.